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Hopefully the future for Fallout 76 will include this

As a lot of other Fallout fans, I am both thrilled and sceptic about Fallout stepping into multiplayer

I am one of those, who really enjoy the classic Fallout games, but also miss the opportunity to share adventures with my friends. Fallout 76 have kind of brought this ability to us now.

What I miss the most:

  1. NPCs
    I miss the funny and/or annoying NPCs. Reading stories from notes and mainframes, is not the same as having a dialogue with an NPC, like in all the other Fallout games
  2. Quicksave
    The ability to quicksave before doing something (maybe) stupid 
  3. No romance / friendship
    Not having any characters to charm and impress with my amazing charm :)
  4. Being the good or bad guy
    I the earlier games, there was always a good and bad way to complete missions

I will add to the list as I go on and gather more experience from the Wasteland.

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